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The risks of hiring cheap removalists.

But is it worth the risk to save a few bucks by going with a cheaper moving company? With horror stories circulating about cheap removalists, it’s time to consider if the lower price tag is worth the potential consequences.

Cheap removals, why go there

How do cheap removalists cut their costs?

When you compare prices online for different moving companies, you may wonder how some can offer such low rates. Here’s the secret: they skimp on important things like proper staff training.

In Australia, removalist companies can operate without the necessary equipment or training programs. That means when you hire cheap movers, you’re not paying for quality service. Their staff is likely untrained. If they lack the proper equipment, they can’t transport your belongings safely. So, you’re more likely to end up with damaged goods.

Here’s another catch: most cheap removalists won’t provide insurance. It won’t cover any damages that occur during transit. No insurance, no compensation for breakages. This means they don’t have to put much effort into protecting your stuff.

The perils of cheap removalists

Choosing a cheap removalist with no clue what they’re doing is a gamble you might not want to take. Sure, they seem more affordable. But if your belongings get damaged, the potential costs down the line could be astronomical.

Just ask the people who have complained about cheap removalists. reported that an elderly woman paid in advance. The company never collected or delivered her belongings. She had to pay another company to do the job. Imagine how inconvenient and expensive that could be!

Many cheap removalists operate as backloading companies. They try to fill up the truck on the way back from somewhere else. This results in delays and a lack of priority for your move. Not ideal, right?

Say no to cheap prices.

Choosing a removalist based on price is a bad move. Some cheap removalists may be decent. It’s better to focus on high-quality service over a cheap deal.

Always ask for a full quote from the removalist company before making a decision. Find out what’s included in the price. Find out about their insurance. Find out about their guarantees. And watch out for hidden costs that some cheap removalists may have.


Think twice before going for the cheap option. Will you save money if you end up spending more later on? Delays and damages can leave you even further out of pocket. Choose a moving company based on the value and service they offer, not the price.

At Tuggerah Removals and Storage, we’ve got you covered from start to finish. You can rest easy, knowing that we will transport your belongings to their destination. Don’t risk it with cheap movers.

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