Standard Removal Carton

When it comes to moving, Standard Removal Carton – Tea Chest Box is a strong box that will take care of all your needs. These durable and versatile boxes are the perfect solution for all your packing, moving and storage needs. They’re designed to protect breakables and other delicate items during transport, and they stack neatly into your moving truck or storage unit, saving you precious space.
These Standard Removal Carton are also suitable for general household use, so you can pack, move or store all items – including smaller appliances.

So whether you need to pack up your kitchenware or store seasonal decorations, these Standard Removal Carton have got you covered!

Application & Use

  • The #1 moving box & storage box for all occasions.
  • The most versatile household removal box.
  • Pack, move or store all household items, including small appliances.

Features & Benefits

  • Strong, twin cushion box provides excellent protection for breakable and bulky items.
  • Easily stacks into moving trucks, storage units and containers.
  • Size – 435mm x 410mm x 600mm.
  • Available in bundle quantity of 10 cartons.
  • Recyclable after use.

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